Fengxingxia Station

Fengxingxia is a group of delivery boys and takeaway riders active in Dafeng Street, Xindu District, Chengdu City, who report potential dangers and problems in the city in their daily work, and enthusiastically participate in urban governance. The intention of creating the Fengxingxia Stations was the government's desire to utilize unused sites in the city to build a number of public spaces (stations) for fengxingxia to better rest and replenish their supplies, as a way of thanking them for their contribution to the city. Also, the space can be available for use by other outdoor workers and neighborhood residents.


Imagining the future with fengxingxia

Right at the beginning of the project, LEL DESIGN Studio and Big Fish set up a multidisciplinary research and design team consisting of community building experts, sociologists, architects, service designers, visual designers, etc. to carry out preliminary research. The team first conducted research on the target users of the space, and through on-site workshops and other forms of investigation, they imagined and planned the functions and forms of the future station together with the fengxingxia.

The team gained multidisciplinary insights through joint work. While carrying out preliminary research and planning, LEL DESIGN STUDIO's architects also carried out studies on architectural design.


Learn from the local residents

Considering the dense residential surroundings and old scattered pipes underground, the station building is expected to be light and could be efficiently concstructed with least impact on nearby commnuity. To accomplish the aim, the architects and the structure consultants proposed multiple possibilities on light structures and quickly-built space. Then the proposals went through rounds of evaluation and comparison.

After several times of site visit, it is the residents' clever use of public space that evoked the architects. No 'architecture' is needed on this site, instead merely a larges sheet of plastic and several bamboo sticks can shape a cool boundless space, where resting and drinking tea is the easiest recreation to access. The plastic sheet is tied to the branches and rooftops on one side, and hung on tops of two bamboo sticks on the other side. By this way, the covering plastic sheet shows a subtle balance under tensile, and it led us to the idea of final structural form.
Study on construction system

Two cross-section columns on both ends serves as support for the large light roof, and 9 tension bars are used to balance the whole structure. This structural system is stable yet gives a public and boundless space.


Changing use of the station









Location: Chengdu, Sichuan







Project Coordinator: Luo Sai

建筑及室内设计:LEL DESIGN STUDIO / 余快、杨睿豪、陈怡沐、赵剑波、封腾飞(实习)

社区研究及策划:大鱼营造 / 何嘉、金静、李理、黄颖、桂瑶杰(实习)

结构顾问:iStructure 结构事务所 / 杨笑天、吴琨营

幕墙顾问:四川柒别林建筑设计有限公司 / 夏祥哲、夏琳

施工图设计:成都中睿远信建筑装饰工程有限公司 / 付翔、杨艳冰