Conceptual Plan for Star Sky Town

Grassland Tianlu is the core component of key tourism projects in Hebei Province, and it is also the golden tourism section of the "China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor". The site, as the primary gateway to the grassland Tianlu, is a key node of Zhang-Cheng-Ba's tourism integration.It is also an important service base and demonstration benchmark for the realization of Zhangjiakou's all region tourism.

We conducted a possibility analysis of the unique landscape features and climatic conditions of the grassland sky road, focused on long-term and overall benefits, and formulated an overall development strategy with beautiful rural tourism and road travel resorts as the core.

After the research on the ecological challenges and the seasonal holiday market, we designed the overall planning framework to the ultimate realization of the linkage between modern agriculture and diversified tourism, to create high-end and ecological holiday destination.

The plan takes grassland style as the feature, leisure agriculture landscape as the main body, sky road travel as the activation point, and high-end vacation products as the model. Focus on improving the infrastructure of people's livelihood, it will develop a new comprehensive community.

Location: Zhangbei, Zhangjiakou, Hebei

Design stage: Scheme design

Time: 2018.11

Total area: 13.10 km2