Conceptual Plan for Fengning Tanghe Hotspring Resort

Chengde, the ancient name of Jehol, is a hot spring resort in the north of China. Hongtang Temple hot springs in the mountains surrounded by blue water and green hills, pine forests dripping green, and the world known as the Little Three Gorges of the Tang River Longtan ditch as one, a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery, is a good place for recuperation.

The plan takes hot springs as the clue to create a scroll-like hot springs town in sequence, shaping the planning structure of "one belt, three centers, one block and multiple settlements". With the natural canyon and mountain as the background stage, the valley theater is created to display the Fengning impression and other scenarios of the timed light show. With the warm water fountain as the symbol, the warm eye is set as the clue of the overall structure of the town. Diversified activities such as alpine ranching, outdoor sports in the canyon, and equestrian riding and shooting are scattered throughout the town to fully demonstrate the unique charm of the resort. The aim is to create a beautiful countryside hot spring resort with themed hot springs as the clue, and to build a canyon-type, wildly interesting, wild luxury resort community with northern characteristics.

Location: Fengning, Chengde, Hebei

Design stage: Scheme design 

Time: 2018.6

Total area: 533.33 hectares