Conceptual Plan for Fenghuang Liangtian Kelaiyunqi Resort

Fenghuang Township is famous as the "Hometown of World Longevity", and the base is located in Liangtian Village of Fenghuang Township, adjacent to the Jiulong Lake water source protection area. The planning and research scope is 12.77 square kilometers, and the design scope is 159 acres. Positioning the natural environment as an advantage, with farming culture as the soul, to create a unique charm of the mountain culture and health resort. Make it the alpine business card of Lingnan culture, the industry benchmark of natural health care, and the preferred weekend vacation spot in the Greater Bay Area.

The project is to take Jiulong Lake Scenic Spot as the core resource, and follow the vein of the tour line that goes up the stream to create a hidden, high-end hilltop cultural colony. Leveraging on the opportunity of building a heart-healthy longevity town in Phoenix Township, the project gives full play to the advantages of high-altitude mountains to create the ultimate health experience that is integrated with nature. To make up for the shortage of tourism services that should not be vigorously developed in the water source protection area, to create a mountain leisure and vacation complex integrating catering, accommodation, activities and display.

Location: Zhaoqing, Guangdong

Design stage: Scheme design 

Time: 2018.7

Total area: 159 acres