Chengdu Chongdeli Phase II

This project is located in chongdeli, tangpa street, Chengdu. It is planned by Mr. Wang Hai, the designer of chongdeli phase I. The design is completed in cooperation with artist Ms. Deng Xiao, and BLANC design, a brand and space design agency. The design phase is a conceptual scheme, which includes the transformation of an office building, the renovation of a historical building, and the landscape improvement.

The design uses a steel skeleton system, which not only completes the reinforcement of the original building, but also shapes a contemporary facade. The steel skeleton system extends to all public spaces and connects the platforms of different elevations, forming a continuous and sufficient space experience.


Plan: Haidian Culture

Partners: Blanc Design, Deng Xiao

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan

Time: 2021.6

Floor area: 1200 m2